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Hoosier National Forest hickory ridge trail map

Hoosier National Forest wilderness map

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Enjoy immediate access to the HNF Trails from our campground.  Many smaller loop trails close to camp for short rides or head on out to the Hickory Ridge Trail System or the Charles C. Deam Wilderness Area for more adventure!   Trails are well marked and a trail guide is not needed. 

  • Horseback Riding Trails- enjoy immediate access to over 100 miles of well marked trails in the Hoosier National Forest.  We have 2 hours of horseback riding right here on our trail riding system without having to purchase a trail tag.  For the more adventurous horseback riding, head on out to the Hickory Ridge Trail system or the Charles Deam Wilderness area.
    • MTR is directly connected to the Hickory Ridge trail system, via our two trails 90 & 80.
    • The Charles C. Deam Wilderness area can be accessed via Hunters Creek Rd. & Hunters Creek Trail Head.
    • Nebo Ridge Trail connects the Hickory Ridge Trail system with Brown County trails via Elkinsville Rd.  From here you can access Trail D and Trail E in Brown county S.P. trail system and Story Inn.
    • Trail Permits:  $5 per day or $35 annually….this is different than State Bridle Tags!
  • Places to go Horseback Riding:
  • Ride to Lake Monroe and have a picnic lunch and go swimming with your horse!
  • Ride to the historic Fire Tower and ride over the skinny Axsom Branch Trail!
  • Ride to the historic Hickory Grove Church built in 1880; Hitch rails, rest rooms and picnic area.
  • Ride to Lost Cabin Pass – Primitive camp built to 1880 time period (private property)  Over night trips, lunch, entertainment, etc.  Wind River Outfitters
  • Ride down trail #1 to Forest Service primitive camp; Hickory Ridge Horse Camp
  • Ride to Story Inn for dinner (reservations only) (might require our trailer taxi to pick you up).
  • Ask Kim to help you plan your adventure or go with a horseback riding trail guide.
  • There are LOTS of wonderful places to go horseback riding in the Hosier National Forest from Midwest Trail Ride.  Kim or Lisa will help you create a custom adventure!
  • Horses: Bring your horse camping with you.  

Come Ride, Rest and Relax at Midwest Trail Ride!

Outpost Store

The Outpost Store is open every day through the summer and limited hours during the winter.  Jeff and Kim are trail riders and are constantly looking for quality products to share with customers and friends. 

MTR arena

You’ll love our new arena! This spacious 250 x 140 foot outdoor roping arena is a favorite attraction among our customers. Call or email us to check availability and rates for your next event!

dining hall

The Activities/Dining Hall is open 24/7 to all MTR guests and is a great place for saddle clubs and other groups to gather for a meal or a meeting. Catered meals are only served on special event weekends.


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