special events

Special Event Weekends 2019:

  • Aug. 30Sept. 2   Labor Day Weekend                                       $31 per site/ 3 night min         
  • Sept. 13–15          Indiana Trail Riders Fundraiser Weekend  $31 per site/ 2 night min
  • Oct.  4–6               Blue Grass & Country Music                      $31 per site/ 2 night min       Click here for weekend menu           
  • Oct. 9–13              Fall Colors Ride                                              $31 per site/ 4 night min      Click here for weekend menu        
  • Oct. 24–27            Halloween Weekend                                    $32 per site/ 3 night min      Click here for weekend menu
  • Nov. 10                 Camp closes for season                  


Special Event Weekends 2020:

  • April 4                   Ranch Play Day
  • April 16-19           Spring Wild Flowers Weekend
  • May 2                    Derby Weekend
  • May 22-25            Memorial Weekend
  • July 2–5                 July 4th Weekend celebration
  • Aug. 15                 Ranch Play Day
  • Sept. 4–7              Labor Day Weekend
  • Sept. 18–20          ITRA Weekend
  • Oct. 2–4                Bluegrass & Country Music Weekend
  • Oct. 7–11              Fall Colors Ride
  • Oct. 22–25            Halloween Weekend

Meal packages on special event weekends must be purchased separately in advance.

Outpost Store

The Outpost Store is open every day through the summer and limited hours during the winter.  Jeff and Kim are trail riders and are constantly looking for quality products to share with customers and friends.

MTR arena

You’ll love our new arena! This spacious 250 x 140 foot outdoor roping arena is a favorite attraction among our customers. Call or email us to check availability and rates for your next event!

dining hall

The Activities/Dining Hall is open 24/7 to all MTR guests and is a great place for saddle clubs and other groups to gather for a meal or a meeting. Catered meals are only served on special event weekends.

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