General Campground Rules

  1. Check-in Time 3:00pm – Check-Out Time 2:00pm. (One night’s reservation fits between this time frame.) If you check in before NOON, you will pay for an extra night.
  2. Everyone must register at the front desk. Campers, day riders, guests, everyone.
  3. Day Riding hours are between 8:00am – 7:00pm. Please park up front of the store.
  4. Coggins and 30 day health papers are required for out-of-state horses.
  5. Campers are responsible for cleaning their own stalls prior to departure. All manure & hay must be removed! If you rake it out on the grass in front of your stall, you will be charged a cleaning fee of $20 per stall. All manure must be put in manure bins.
  6. Dirty Stalls & Bad checks fee- $20 per stall/ per check.
  7. We are not responsible for injury, lost, damaged or stolen property.
  8. No unauthorized vendors, this means horse trainers and folks selling stuff. Please fill out a “Vendor Sales Form” and submit to management for permission to sell your “wares” on the campground property.
  9. Stallions must be stalled in stallion stalls. Any stallion displaying “himself” and acting unruly might be asked to leave at the camp owner/manager’s discretion.
  10. Two night minimum on weekends during the High season: April , May, Sept – Oct


  1. Only 4 people and/or 4 stalls allowed per site. If more people or more stalls are needed, please rent another campsite to allow for more room for your camping group. This includes visiting guests.; (guest parking is at the  dining hall if there is no room on your site).
  2. One truck and trailer “camper unit” per campsite. A living quarters trailer, a tent and other camper trailers are “camping units.” If your group requires more “camping units” additional sites must be rented. You can have one extra vehicle on your site. A car or horse trailer on campsites are only permitted if the second trailer is less then 14f t long and non-electrical.
  3. Leasing and sub-leasing of campsites is not permitted!
  4. No swimming pools on campsites or cabins.
  5. No pens or corrals set up between campsites, cabins and stalls/ barn areas.
  6. Quiet Hour – 11:00pm will be enforced. Drunken, disorderly conduct & loud parties will not be tolerated at MTR campground. Setting up camp is not permitted after quiet hours. If you can not get here (and get set up) before 11:00 pm, wait until the next day.


  1. Check-in time: 3:00pm – Check out: 12:00 (noon). If you wish to stay and ride your horse after check- out, please pull your rig to the day parking area. 
  2. Two night minimum required on all cabins.
  3. Minimum age to rent cabins is 21 years old.
  4. Quiet Hours are from 11:00pm to 7:00am.
  5. Maximum capacity per cabin is 4 people (adults and youth total).
  6. Cabin contains two sets of bunk beds, with covered mattress, that sleep 4 people comfortably. No linens are supplied, you bring your own bedding.
  7. Cabin is supplied with one A/C unit & one heater unit as well as three electrical outlets.
  8. Two vehicles maximum parked at cabins. Only one truck & trailer combo unit allowed per cabin & one vehicle, such as a car. All extra vehicles & visitor’s cars must park in overflow parking with blue visitor tag clearly displayed on rearview mirror.
  9. The charge to use the site pole in front of cabins is “camping fee” for the duration of your stay. (If you choose to plug a camper in to site pole) If someone camps in front of your cabin, the number of people must not exceed the maximum number of 4 people. One tent would be allowed on “end” cabins only and still must not exceed the max number of people allowed per site.
  10. Subleasing cabins is prohibited! No one can check into your cabin but you! If you can’t make it, please call the office to change the name on the reservation for the cabin.
  11. Smoking or cooking in cabins is prohibited. Cooking may be done over a campfire in front of the cabin area. Microwave and coffee maker is available in main Campground building.
  12. Cabins do not contain running water or restrooms. Modern restroom facilities are located in our main building in the middle of the campground. “Port-o-potties” are located near the cabins for your convenience, but please use the modern restrooms when possible.
  13. Water spigot available in front of each cabin.
  14. Horse stall barns are located every four cabins and all within 75 feet of your cabin.
  15. Horse stalls must be cleaned out upon your departure; picked clean of manure & hay. (Clean sawdust can be left in stall.) If you leave your stall dirty there is cleaning fee of $20 per stall.
  16. Tying horses to cabins or trees is prohibited. Horses may be tied to the gate on your stall or your horse trailer for tacking up purposes. No horses are permitted to be tied to trailers or kept in trailers overnight! All horses must go in stalls.
  17. Dogs are allowed in cabin with you but must be contained in a crate if left alone. Dogs must always be leashed! Dogs cannot be left tied to your cabin un-attended. Any dog that barks constantly will not be allowed back on our campground! See Dog Policies for more detailed rules for dogs. Doggie potty must be picked up daily and placed in the manure bins where you put your horse manure.
  18. Please remove trash upon departure. Dumpsters are conveniently located behind restrooms in middle of camp & at the bridge (driveway out).
  19. Cancellation Policy: Deposits are non-refundable. Cabins are to be paid in full 30 days in advance. In the event that you need to cancel your cabin, please call the reservation desk immediately. Cancellations cannot be left on the answering machine. If we can re-rent your cancelled cabin, then all money except your deposit is refunded back to you and the deposit portion will be rolled to another time. Rolled deposits expire the following season from time of cancelation.

Arena & Round Pens:

  1. All manure must be cleaned up from Arena and Round Pen after you finish working your horses. You may chuck it over the fence, into the grass or you can put it in a wheel barrow. Either way, it needs to be removed from the Arena surface.
  2. Do not leave horses unattended in the Round Pen or Arena. Lunge them, work them or exercise them and please take them back to your campsite with you. High Season: (April, May, Sept & Oct)

Cancellation Policy & Payments:

  • Event weekends & Cabins are to be paid in full 30 days before your arrival. If not paid, we will assume you are not coming and go to the waiting list to fill the site. Cancellations on full payments will be forfeited if we cannot re-rent your site or cabin or you do not show up. Please give us lots of notice if you are not coming so we can re-rent your site!
  • Non-Events (open camping) will not require payment in advance. Deposits are nonrefundable but may be transferred to another weekend if you cancel 48 hrs before your reservation or if we have re-rented your site. *Rolled money may be used within one year.
  • Cancellations cannot be left on answering machines or sent in an email.

Dog Policy:

Dogs are a huge liability, please determine if your dog is a good fit for a campground atmosphere before you bring him.

  • Do not assume everyone loves your dog. Some people are allergic and afraid of dogs; please be respectful of other campers.
  • Dogs & small pets are not permitted in the store, restrooms or activities hall …this includes therapy animals. Unless you have a Service Dog that is needed to help you check-in, leave them outside, please.
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times in the campground and contained to your campsite only! NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Dogs must be able to be quiet on your campsite at all times! Complaints of barking dogs will not be tolerated! Dogs will not be permitted to be left tied to your camper trailer; we strongly suggest putting dogs inside your camper while you are gone riding.
  • Campsites are not doggie toilets, please pick up your doggie’s “doo” and dispose of in manure pits.
  • Non-compliant dog owners will not be allowed to bring dogs back to the campground. Please determine if your dog is a good fit for our campground before you bring him….you and your fellow campers will be happier.


Outpost Store

The Outpost Store is open every day through the summer and limited hours during the winter.  Jeff and Kim are trail riders and are constantly looking for quality products to share with customers and friends. 

MTR arena

You’ll love our new arena! This spacious 250 x 140 foot outdoor roping arena is a favorite attraction among our customers. Call or email us to check availability and rates for your next event!

dining hall

The Activities/Dining Hall is open 24/7 to all MTR guests and is a great place for saddle clubs and other groups to gather for a meal or a meeting. Catered meals are only served on special event weekends.


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