Trail Riding in the Hoosier National Forest

Enjoy immediate access to the HNF Trails from our campground.  Many smaller loop trails close to camp for short rides or head on out to the Hickory Ridge Trail System or the Charles C. Deam Wilderness Area for more adventure!   Trails are well marked and a trail guide is not needed.  (See the Trail Maps section of this website).

Trail riding for Non-horse owners:  You will get to see the wildlife in the Hoosier National Forest and experience a slower, simpler time in life.  Let us treat you to an all day adventure for your family or group. Our trail riding are not “sissy” rides that you get at the State parks, you will actually get to see the Hoosier National Forest from the back of a good horse, just as if you were riding your own. Rides from Midwest Trail Ride can be 2 to 6 hours in length (your choice). A popular destination is riding to the historic Hickory Grove Church.  A log church built in 1880 and still operates today with a small, local congregation.  There is a “pit toilet” at the church as well as hitch rails to tie the horses and picnic tables.  Our trail riding guide will help you plan the perfect adventure for your group.

Horse Rental, $150 per horse, per day (two horse minimum).  That includes all rides from 2 – 6 hours.  Included in price:  one safe trail horse, a saddle, bridle, trail tags, a trail riding guide and any other equipment that horse needs.

Guided Trips for groups can include a chuck wagon dinner and a horseback ride. Email or call our office to inquire about costs and scheduling:  or call  812-834-6686

**Most guided rides are walk only and geared to beginning trail riders.  If you go, please be respectful of the trail guides as they work with beginning riders.  Trail Guides may not necessarily ride in front, they will ride where it works best for all horses on the ride.  If you are coming alone this is a good way to meet others.  Groups are typically less than 10 people.

Horse Owners:  A trail guide is generally provided on some of our special event weekends free of charge. However, the trails are marked really well and we provide great trail maps for our customers. Pick up a trail map in the store and start your adventure on your own time. 

  •  There are LOTS of wonderful places to go riding in the Hoosier National Forest from Midwest Trail Ride.  Kim will help you create a custom adventure!

The Story Ride Trip


Travel back in time to the turn of the century and ride your horse into Story Indiana; 2 day; 50 mile horseback riding adventure.  You better LOVE to ride!  You will travel approx. 8 hours by horseback to Story Inn, in Brown County.  At Story, that night you will be treated to a 5 star dinner and the best wine (if you choose at your expense).  Story Inn has modern rooms with bathrooms where you will be able to shower, freshen up and sleep in a real bed.  On the second day, we will travel back to MTR, stopping for lunch along the way (approx. 6 hours from Story to MTR on the return trip).  **or you may opt to load your horse in the trailer and come back the second day by truck.  (You do not have to ride the second day if you do not want.  It is an option.)

In the morning you will awake to the quiet song birds and soft nickering of horses rousting you out of bed.  Make your own coffee in your cottage, slip your boots on and walk down to feed your horse.  Story is very quiet of the mornings and Jeff and I just love sipping coffee on our cottage porch as we wait for the other guests to wake up and get ready for breakfast.   Story Inn will open at 8:00am for us to eat our breakfast, pick up our sack lunch and hit the trail to come back to Midwest Trail Ride.

If your bum is sore or your horse is too sore to travel the 25 miles back to MTR, Jeff will have the stock trailer waiting and you may opt to catch a ride back with him instead of riding your horse back…no extra cost should you decide to ride back in the trailer.

Outpost Store

The Outpost Store is open every day through the summer and limited hours during the winter.  Jeff and Kim are trail riders and are constantly looking for quality products to share with customers and friends. 

MTR arena

You’ll love our new arena! This spacious 250 x 140 foot outdoor roping arena is a favorite attraction among our customers. Call or email us to check availability and rates for your next event!

dining hall

The Activities/Dining Hall is open 24/7 to all MTR guests and is a great place for saddle clubs and other groups to gather for a meal or a meeting. Catered meals are only served on special event weekends.


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